ÖMKi was founded to support development of Hungarian sustainable agriculture, horticulture, and food industry over the long run through direct application of scientific advancements. We participate in research and innovation projects that provide practical results thus enhancing continued development and competitiveness of Hungarian organic agriculture.

In cooperation with…

Hungarian research institutes, universities: the knowledge base and practical experience of organic agriculture and rural development practice is enhanced by new scientific research.

farmers: organic farmers are closely integrated into research projects through on-farm studies.

The on-farm research is at the forefront of studying issues of crop management that benefit the farmer directly, making a direct impact on growing practices. The practical context of the attempts to organize professional meetings and publications of the domestic jelentetünk eco knowledge expansion. In connection with practical studies, meetings are organized and publications are published thus expanding Hungarian organic expertise.

consumers, traders, NGOs: we organize educational programmes and conferences, provide lectures and tastetests of  agriculture products, jand oin in technical advice network (offering accredited training credit to special advisors).